Education Objectives

Tsukuba Standard (Japanese)

Admission Policy (Japanese)

The Doctoral Program in Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences consists of special scientific fields in which the human body, motion, and sport culture are studied from physical, biological, and/or social viewpoints. The program’s versatility is demonstrated by its scientific topic areas, which range from social to natural sciences, and students are encouraged to acquire highly specialized research abilities as well as a variety of intellectual perspectives.

Study Period

The standard study period is three years. This period can be extended to five years, but students who show excellent achievement can complete the program in a minimum of two years. The granted degree is Doctor of Exercise Science, or Ph.D.

Selection of Research Field

The program includes six research fields: (1) Physical Education and Sport Culture, (2) Sport Management and Policy, (3) Physical Education and Sport Education, (4) Exercise Life Sciences, (5) Physical Fitness and Strength, and (6) Exercise and Sport Coaching Science. Students belong to one of these fields and should select one at matriculation.